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We at Brooklyn Handyman Service , work around the clock to make our local Brooklyn residents happy with our home and office services.

Since we opened our doors, our goal has been to help our neighbors with all the projects and tasks that they might have. We pride ourselves in doing quality work at reasonable prices. Our work speaks for itself. You can contact us for your projects at home or the office. We understand how hard it can be to find a good Brooklyn Handyman Service, but rest assured when you call us you will get the best service from that first phone call you place until our Handyman leaves. We follow up with our customers and offer coupons as a Thank you every so often. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing and our work will definitely have you referring us to your friends or family members. Call us now and find out why we are Brooklyn’s #1 Handyman Service!

We provide many services such as:

* Handyman Service       Brooklyn Handyman Service

* Locksmith Service        Brooklyn Handyman Service 

* Security Service ( Camera and Intercom)  Brooklyn Handyman Service

* Painting & Drywall       Brooklyn Handyman Service

* Plumbing                            Brooklyn Handyman Service

* Electrical Work             Brooklyn Handyman Service

*Appliance Installations and Repairs               Brooklyn handyman Service

*Carpet Cleaning             Brooklyn Handyman Service

*Snow Removal                Brooklyn handyman Service

*Junk Removal                 Brooklyn Handyman Service

*Mold removal Brooklyn

…and much more, you name it, we do it.


Brooklyn Handyman Service does it all…No job is too big or too small, we are a phone call away.

We know how busy life can get. DIY projects can get out of hand really fast, if you have a DIY headache, you could have us come in and do it for you. Let us take care of the headaches, while you spend time with your loved ones!  Let Brooklyn Handyman Service assist you. Make sure that your project is done securely, ensure your family and employees safety. The benefits outweigh the cost.

Call us now to get a free estimate over the phone or email us some information and we will assist you any time!

Call Now::(929) 376-6811

Brooklyn Handyman

Hello Brooklyn! In this buzzing town we want to make sure that your home and office are updated, safe, and visually pleasing. Call us now for a free estimate on whatever project you need done. Our friendly customer service representatives will assist you with any questions you might have. We are all about solutions and that’s part of being the best Handyman in Brooklyn. We take the time to create customized plans that stay within your budget.  Let our service professionals take the pressure off of you. Whether it’s at your home or office, our goal is to ensure your peace of mind while getting the job done. No matter what the job is Brooklyn Handyman Service will complete it and leave your worries in the dust! Call Now!

Brooklyn Handyman

Every professional Handyman Brooklyn out there is equipped with several functions that help them address your every house repair concern. A professional handyman is simply considered as a person who is paid to get general home maintenance and repair concerns done. Indeed, this definition does not cover everything. There are several talents a professional handyman possesses, and it is just impossible to be writing them all. Fundamentally, it is a must that you determine what you really need first before you will be able to hire a handyman who will be able to handle these needs.


There are several things you must consider when it comes to hiring a professional handyman to do the job. The first factor would have to be determining what you exactly it is you want and need. This could mean that you have to create a list that needs accomplishing. This enables you to get a quote of the handyman services that you need. Moreover, you will also be guaranteed that you are getting what you have paid for and that the handyman will be duly compensated. When you come upon an agreement on the handyman service price, avoid having to add more jobs for the handyman. Handyman services clearly do not work this way.